Ptak Prize for Supply Chain Excellence

Board of Directors:

Ptak Prize Chair:

Dr. James F. Cox III
Professor Emeritus, Robert O. Arnold Professor of Business, Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia.

Ptak Prize Board Members:

Mr. Gene Tyndall
Founding Partner of Supply Chain Executive Advisors, LLC. and Deputy Director, Center for Advanced Supply Chain Management, U. of Miami.

Dr. Charles A. Watts
Professor of Operations Management at John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio. Director of Education and Certification for the International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA). Principal and Chief Science Officer with On-Point Group Consulting.

Mr. David Jacoby
President of Boston Logistics Group and teaches operations management in the graduate business school at Boston University. President of APICS Boston and a Past President of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals' (CSCMP)’s New England Roundtable.

Mr. Dan Gilmore
Chief Editor of Supply Chain Digest and CEO of B2B Media.

Ptak Prize WHQ Address:
Ptak Prize
2000 Auburn Drive, Suite 200
Beachwood, OH 44122

Tel: 800.817.9083
Fax: 440.708.2641


The submission package should include the completed entry form and provide the information requested below. The package should be no longer than 40 pages.
  1. Provide an overview of the business and supply chain briefly describing the various business functions and their organization: marketing and sales, finance, accounting, operations, R&D, etc. The forecasting, operations planning, scheduling, and control and supply chain processes should be described.
  2. Provide two graphics (the “before changes” situation and the “current” situation of the supply chain) showing the manufacturing and inventory locations and the inventory, and information flows through the supply chain. Indicate the approximate number of sku’s, inventory investment, inventory turns, customer service levels, inventory policies and models, etc. used at each link in the supply chain. Provide a detailed description to support each graphic.
  3. Provide a table with time line showing the before and after performance measurement (operational and financial) results across the supply chain and a description of the sequence of changes (in technology, inventory models, policies and procedures) made in the supply chain to achieve the current measures.
  4. Using the criteria for consideration for the Ptak Prize as an outline provide a description (before and after changes) related to:
    A. The supply chain and company visions (What are the visions, what is the customer business problem that the supply chain and company can solve, how are these different from competitors, etc.)
    B. The supply chain and company business practices (How have business processes changed to align the company and chain with their visions, what continuous improvement process is in place and how are these projects focused on what will provided the highest return for the supply chain and company, etc.)
    C. Technology (How has technology been used to address the limitation that the supply chain and company are facing to achieving their goals, what technology has been put in place to systematize the changes in business practices, how has technology changed to adapt to needed business practices, etc.)
    D. General (What impact has the supply chain and company demonstrated on the bottom line, how has this value proposition with the customer been flowed back to suppliers and forward to all links in the chain to the ultimate consumer, how has the supply chain and company educated and trained its employees to sustain this success, etc.)

During the review process, the judges may request addition information. In the submission package try to provide sufficient detail to minimize the additional requests. While two managers at a high level in the organization are required to sign an ethics statement supporting the validity of the facts presented, a team of judges may request an on-site visit to document results and processes.

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ISCEA awards the 2007
Ptak Prize for Supply Chain Excellence
to the
Honeywell &
Indian Oil Company
in recognition of significant improvements made through Vision, Business Rules, and Technology.
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Dr. Charles A. Watts presenting the 2007 Ptak Prize to Dr. Randy Wagler of Honeywell at the 2007 Ptak Prize Ceremony (DC EXPO at Navy Pier, Chicago, IL, USA).

ISCEA awards the 2006
Ptak Prize for Supply Chain Excellence
to the
Steel Group
in recognition of significant improvements made through Vision, Business Rules, and Technology.
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Dr. Charles A. Watts, Cary Cameron, Vice President of GENCO, Carol Ptak, and Mr. David Blazek, Vice President and General Manager for LeTourneau, Inc. at the 2006 Ptak Prize Ceremony in Las Vegas, NV, USA.


Ptak Prize Scholarships

If you are a full time University Student with a major in Supply Chain Management or Operations Management you could be eligible for Ptak Prize Scholarships.
Please contact your University Advisor or contact Ptak Prize for more information.


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